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No matter what kind of business you have these days there will inevitably be a time that you will need to have a package or some of your products shipped internationally. Would you be ready and better yet, will you know who to call to help you with it. At OsaCargo Transport and Logistics, we specialize in help businesses large and small with their shipping needs.

Transport Netherlands poland

As one of the top transportation companies in all of Europe, we can help you pick up or deliver your package or shipment from point “A” to point “B” quicker and for less than most any other shipping company in all of Europe. In order to best serve our customers, we have established some dedicated routes that we travel three or more times a week in order to help our customers better serve their own customers needs. One of those routes that many companies use is the Netherlands to Poland and Poland to Netherlands.

Netherlands to Poland and Poland to Netherlands

International shipping can be tricky when you have to travel across several different countries in order to get a package to its final destination. Our logistics experts know exactly what it takes to plan and carry out the loading, transporting and unloading of whatever size shipment you have. Our routes to and from the Netherlands and Poland makes it easy to travel the 1023 km distance in just over 20 hours.

All of our team members work together to help everyone that calls us to ship their packages to their destination. Our Logistic managers are fluent in English so they are able to help everyone with their shipping needs.

No shipping job is ever too big or too small for us to handle

Our shipping agents are the best in the business when it comes to logistics, they can handle everything, from the smallest package to moving an entire office. There is nothing they cannot handle and they will present you with an itemized estimate of how much it will cost and tell you how quickly we can get there or have it picked up for you. Our team of experts drivers and handlers to all the work for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Just simply contact one of our logistic managers and they will help to guide you through the process and each of them are fluent in English. We specialize in international shipping and ensure that everything is taken care of without any worries.

  • Cargo vans – large, medium or small
  • Tractor Trailers with a soft side or box trailers
  • Freight transport by tandem or three trailers
  • Freight transport by isotherms
  • Cold or frozen freight transport
  • Transporting large or small cargo container shipping
  • Hauling of Oversized loads by truck

If you are looking for a high-quality shipping company that you can count on to get all of the packages to their destinations anywhere in Poland or the Netherlands, you have to look no further than OsaCargo Transport and Logistics.

Transport Netherlands – Poland – Netherlands